With a collection dating to as far back as the late 90s, Krystal Light Imports brings to you a collection of unique quality found only here. Krystal light imports was founded on the guiding principles of spirituality and true metaphysical connections. As such, our merchandise has been delicately and tirelessly hand picked to cater to, what we believe, is true quality in the  pieces of the gem world we carry. We strive to strike a spiritual connection with every item sold, in an effort to ensure our customers are at the pinnacle of satisfaction with their choice. We believe that positive energy is the most contagious method of success. 
Mother Nature has always been the most eloquent of teachers to those willing to listen. Because of this we use the literal representation of rocks and minerals, to both conduct business, and to educate about true quality through our merchandise. Rocks and minerals at their most fundamental aspect are pieces of great age that managed to maintain their beauty in the face of time. We hope that by providing the best quality of material available on the market, we manage to emulate the appeal of the the very merchandise we sell. This website is both a dedication to our existing clientele, as well as an invitation for those trying to become further acclimated with our business. What separates us from other semi precious gem businesses is that we don't ask for your business; rather, we ask for the opportunity to EARN your continued business. Enjoy and positive energy to all!